Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing

Underwater vessel maintenance and inspection services

SeaTec offers a truly unique 24/7 global network of dive stations and is to date the only supplier who offers fixed rates for more than 300 different locations. This includes pricing for propeller polishing, hull cleaning and all types of inspections, allowing in-water maintenance to be budgeted and planned for in detail.

Our suppliers are reviewed and audited on a regular basis by our global operations team who also harmonize the output quality of our global network. As an example, our reporting is linked to vessels’ performance optimisation and standardized so that a service conducted in Asia will have the same report used as a service ordered in any another continent.

Based upon the information retrieved from past audits and reviews, SeaTec is an expert knowledge base for global underwater services and can advise on all aspects ranging from equipment to safety and from local in-water conditions to environmental regulations.

Propeller Polishing

The aim of polishing a propeller underwater is to reduce the surface roughness caused by the build-up of marine fouling. A smooth propeller surface is inhospitable to marine organisms and enhances the efficiency of the propeller, in turn optimising the vessel’s performance.

Propeller polishing is either arranged based upon planned intervals or vessel performance but as a rule of thumb, intervals of six to 12 months (depending upon vessel size, trading activity and location) are standard and one of the most common and regular in-water activities conducted globally.

Hull Cleaning

Unlike propeller polishing, hull cleaning is usually difficult to plan for. This is because the paint system is often unpredictable and once fouling starts to build up it is near impossible to pin point. SeaTec advocates cleaning early when slime starts to form rather than when heavy growth such as barnacles start to build up.

A build up of marine fouling such as barnacles or tubeworm can cause turbulence, cavitation and noise, affecting the performance of sonars, speed logs and other hull mounted sensors.

Most of our clients therefore combine the vessel’s performance data with regular in-water hull paint and fouling inspections which are often combined with a propeller polish. This allows information on paint performance to be gathered cost effectively and the decision to arrange for hull cleaning can be made based on accurate and up-to-date information.

In addition, SeaTec helps clients make an educated decision on the best technology; cleaning with divers or ROV, brushes or contactless, closed circuit or open circuit.

SeaTec’s hull cleaning and propeller polishing service can result in a hugely positive impact on a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance and fuel consumption.

Environmental Compliance and Regulations

SeaTec can accurately advise on global fouling control compliance regulations. In many locations propeller polishing and hull cleaning are prohibited by local authorities due to the environmental impact these activities may have.

Closed circuit propeller polishing and hull cleaning is slowly reopening ports around the globe which have stopped polish and hull cleaning. SeaTec has partnerships in place with a range of high tech suppliers who offer closed circuit ROV hull cleaning. One such partnership is with Ecosubsea. In combination with SeaTec’s closed circuit propeller polishing system, hull cleaning and propeller polishing can be carried out in the most strictly regulated ports.

Inspection and Condition Monitoring Services

SeaTec is approved by all leading classification societies to conduct underwater inspections and surveys. We can also enable dry dock extensions in lieu of dry dock surveys, damage assessments and hull paint/fouling inspection. We are approved by all major OEM paint suppliers to perform independent assessments and clean various paint systems.

Contact us to find out more about our hull cleaning and propeller polishing solutions.

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