Vibration, Thermal & Engine Power Balance

Having a detailed insight of your asset’s condition is essential in order to anticipate and avoid machinery faults. Over 25% of incidents at sea relate to machinery malfunctions and 60% of machinery failure occurs soon after a maintenance activity.

Vibration analysis is one of the best ways to get a detailed understanding of the health of your machinery and Seatec’s world class condition monitoring programme will support your fleet in drastically reducing machinery failure rates, lubricant consumption and unplanned maintenance.

For you, this means:

  • Improved CAPEX and OPEX profile for your vessel (owing to reduction of breakdown events and decreased LO consumption).
  • Better compliance with MLC 2006 and ability to plan your maintenance activities efficiently and effectively.
  • Safer and more reliable operation of your machinery, meaning that your vessel stays in the market for longer, generating a positive cash flow for the owners.

Depending on your requirements, we will arrange an inspector to go on board and sail with your vessel for a few days to gather vibration readings. Upon disembarking, our team will analyse the data, using a FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) to convert the vibration readings into the frequency domain and thoroughly observe their spectra. SeaTec then issues a detailed report, indicating the main corrective and preventive actions to ensure your machinery performs as efficiently as possible.

  • Bespoke condition monitoring surveys
  • Senior chief engineers
  • State-of-the-art sensors and technology
  • Globally-managed logistics

If required, we can include thermal imaging and engine power balance during our condition monitoring surveys. These are particularly useful to improve your vessel consumption and reduce fire-related hazards, individuating hot spots or leaks in the exhaust gas ducts.

Condition monitoring surveys are also a good tool prior to dry-docking in order to gain a good insight of the machinery condition and plan the jobs in the shipyard accordingly.

SeaTec supports the safe and reliable operations of all the major players in the industry, spanning the container, tanker and bulker markets, offshore oil and gas, cruising and defence.

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