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Through SeaTec, you can purchase a range of specialist subsea equipment, including:

Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle

A versatile, compact new generation hull-cleaning machine, proven to remove hull fouling from all known coatings, including the very latest low surface energy paints. If a hull has not been regularly cleaned, a build-up of marine growth can occur. The brushes are designed to remove the marine growth whilst preserving the coating system. A selection of brushes are available to suit various types of fouling growth from light slime through to heavy shell coverage. The unique scrub pressure control is used to make fine adjustments to further ensure a quality hull clean.

Twin Brush Cleaning Tool

A compact diver held twin brush machine that complements the mini pamper hull cleaning system. Ideal for cleaning areas such as rudders, it is equally capable of cleaning entire ship hulls. It is easy to mobilise and can be powered by a relatively small power pack. Ideal as an entry level hull cleaning system.

Single Brush Cleaning and Polishing Tool

The MkII Hydraulic Hand Tool is a multipurpose hydraulic machine which can be used for many operations. There are several different types of brush available which can be used for hull cleaning operations in areas that are too tight for access with other cleaning machines. The optional polishing adaptor will convert the tool for propeller polishing operations. The high RPM high torque tool is ideal to achieve high quality propeller surface finishes. There is a range of pads available, all of which can be attached using a simple velcro pad system. A shaft adaptor kit is also available that allows the tool to be used for drilling and grinding.

Range of brushes and pads

SeaTec supplies a vast variety of brush types to facilitate removal of very light micro slime to the heaviest of shell and calcareous marine growth. These brushes are available in two sizes for use with either the Mini Pamper hull cleaning vehicle or the smaller twin and single brush cleaning tools. The brushes are designed to be able to remove marine fouling from all types of hull coatings. Marine disc pads of various grades are used to polish propellers, capable of achieving a Rubert grade ‘A’ surface finish.

Hydraulic Umbilicals

SeaTec 50m and 10m long hydraulic umbilicals have been carefully matched to the performance requirements of the WD80 power pack, mini-pamper hull cleaning vehicle and hand tools. The umbilicals are of thermoplastic construction, resulting in near neutral buoyancy and good flexibility, ideal for use in underwater operations. The 100m umbilical also incorporates the electrical connections for the mini-pamper lighting system.

WD80 Hydraulic Power Pack System

The WD80 hydraulic power pack is specifically designed to operate the mini pamper, twin brush machine and the hand tool. It is capable of operating one mini pamper on its own, or two of the smaller tools. Both the 50m and 100m umbilicals are designed to suit the WD80 power pack.

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