SeaTec is pleased to announce two vessels’ Steel Cutting, P110K—41/42 carried out on 15th Oct. 2015.

The 110,000DWT Product Oil Tankers, hull number P110K-41/42 are the vessel ordered by Stella Faye Shipping, classed to CCS with Class notation: CCS CSA OIL TANKER, DOUBLE HULL, F.P. ≤ 60ºC, ESP CSR PSPC(B,C), CM, Loading Computer(S, I, D), In-Water Survey, BWMP, Single Point Mooring, Emergency Towing Arrangement; CSM, AUT-0, VCS, IGS, BWMS, COW, FTO, SCM, PMS; and built by DALIAN SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

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