MV Taharoa


SeaTec is pleased to announce one vessel’s delivery, S2069 named as MV TAHAROA EOS, delivered on 10th July and sailed out on 13th July 2015. The 174,000DWT Slurry Iron Sand Carrier, hull number S2069 is the vessel ordered by Cara Shipping, classed to NK, flying Singapore flag, and built by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in Korea.

MV TAHAROA EOS is the second Slurry Iron Sand Carrier in the world. It’s tailored to load Slurry Iron Sand from Taharoa port in New Zealand to China.

Both Plan Approval and Site Supervision for this vessel are undertaken by SeaTec, with project management undertaken by SeaTec China based in Shanghai and additional support provided by SeaTec UK based in Glasgow.